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Why did we found the DCR Doctoral Program?

In the 19th century Karl Marx claimed in his eleventh thesis on Feuerbach: “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.”

Today´s world, though, is changing rapidly. It is changing at such a speed that it appears hard for politicians, managers, and other decision makers to stay oriented and to keep pace with the changes. What appears to be of outmost importance - not only for philosophers but for any decision maker - is to sense, understand, and interpret this change in order to actively shape the process of change and our future.

This challenge occupies center stage in the joint doctoral program “Dynamic Capabilities and Relationships” of the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) and the German Graduate School of Management and Law in Heilbronn. Building on the work of David Teece, Kathleen Eisenhardt, Jeffrey Martin, and others we use the concept of dynamic capabilities in order to better understand and to further the proper handling of a rapidly changing world. Dynamic capabilities refer to a firm’s, organization´s or society´s abilities to deal with high velocity. Relationships among individuals and groups have a strong impact on these capabilities. Therefore we are keen on understanding the foundations of dynamic capabilities and how relationships affect their development.

Funded by the Dieter-Schwarz Foundation an international group of scholars – striving for scientific excellence – is working on this challenge of developing capabilities to cope with change, stay competitive, and make this world a place worth living. More About Us ...

Our approach is a very open one and we invite you to get involved in our exchange of ideas!


Prof. Dr. Albrecht Söllner

European University Viadrina

Frankfurt (Oder), Germany  

- Spokesperson of the DCR-Program -  

Prof. Dr. Tomás Bayón

German Graduate School of Management and Law,

Heilbronn, Germany

- Spokesperson of the DCR-Program - 




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