Submitted on 05/05/2022

Leadership in times of crisis 2: Democratic leadership, dictatorship, and the sense making battle 

The second lecture builds on a first on leadership in times of crisis. Jochen Koch highlights yet another important facet of leadership in the context of crisis situations. If we compare a war situation with a pandemic, a key difference becomes apparent in terms of the constitution of the two crises. A pandemic confronts the affected societies with a challenge in the sense of "it or us", whereas a war always involves at least two parties who are in confrontation with each other. Hence, it is a matter of "them or us" for both parties. In this sense, we are dealing with two mutually interrelated systems in which both leadership functions as the central mode of crisis management. 

This lecture is part of the Collaborative Open Course for Master Programs in Business Administration, Management and Organization Studies on "Organizing in Times of Crisis" ( ). This course aims to familiarize students with the implications of the Covid19 crisis on organizational, managerial, and societal processes. The seminar is grounded in contemporary theories of organization and management science, and enables students to critically engage with theoretical concepts along practical contemporary phenomena.