Submitted on 09/30/2019

DCR visiting scholar Elena Weikum and Professor Albrecht Söllner presented at the 6th WINIR Conference in Lund, Sweden.

Organized in collaboration with the Department of Economic History at Lund University, Sweden, the Sixth WINIR Conference on institutions for inclusive societies opened on the afternoon of Thursday 19 September 2019 and ended with a dinner on Saturday 21 September. 

On the first day of the conference Professor Söllner presented his paper on “Inclusion Policies and Unintended Side-Effects” co-authored by Dr. Lukas Wiafe in the "Institutions, Ethics, Rights & Human Well-Being" session.

Elena Weikum presented her paper on "Conceptualizing Enforcement Capability: The Enforcement Embeddedness Model (EEM)“ co-authored by Prof. Söllner and Dr. Lukas Wiafe in the „Contracts, Enforcement & Trust“ session on the second day of the conference. 

Both received fruitful, positive and encouraging feedback on their research and attended different other sessions that are relevant to their research interests.

With WINIR Elena Weikum attended her first academic conference. In addition to the networking experience, she was impressed by the diverse research topics and methods and the pleasant atmosphere during the whole conference.

The conference was organized by Tobias Axelsson (Lund, Economic history), Francesca Gagliardi (Hertfordshire, Institutional economics), David Gindis (Hertfordshire, economics), Geoff Hodgson (Loughborough, economics) and Bas van Bavel (Utrecht, history) and was joined by more than hundred participants from over 30 countries including Australia, Belgium, China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, etc.