Submitted on 04/02/2018

True to the motto ‘the same procedure as every year’, the DCR program is again invited to participate in the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, one of the most prestigious and important conferences in the field of management studies. This year’s meeting will take place in Chicago from August 10 - 14 and has lured thousands of scholars to submit their applications. Also Sarah Stanske, our third year doctoral candidate, has submitted a proposal for a professional development workshop which aims at supporting other students to understand the essence of process studies (together with Michael Hartmann, Markus Vodosek, and Heinz-Theo Wagner), a paper (together with Madeleine Rauch), and a symposium, also focused on the nature of process studies (together with Eric Knight, Jane Lê, Matthias Wenzel).

While all of her submissions were accepted, it is especially the symposium submission which is currently in the limelight. Being among the top submissions, this proposal has been selected as a Showcase session by the OMT and the SAP divisions. Showcase sessions are expected to attract a great number of scholars and are additionally mentioned in the conference program as highlights.

We are looking forward to inspiring discussions with Raghu Garud, Paula Jarzabkowski , Ann Langley, and Andy van de Ven.