Submitted on 08/17/2017

10th SKM Symposium 2017 Berlin

Understanding Transformation

Theoretical, methodological, and practical challenges and implications from a competence-based perspective

September 28th - 29th, Berlin

including an

  • executive seminar (September, 28, afternoon) and
  • a pre-conference Ph.D. workshop (September, 27)

SKM-Symposia provide platforms for intensive discussion and exchange of research ideas, and work in the field of Competence-based Strategic Management. In September 2017, the Department of Information Systems / Chair of Business Adminstration at the Freie Universität Berlin/Germany will host the 10th SKM-Symposium.

For more specific information, check the Call for Papers

In the framework of the Conference, Madeleine Rauch, PhD candidate, will present on the following topics

  • Heuristics in the strategy process: Environmental fit without “generative capabilities”?
  • Between being and doing: Strategic action, organizational identity, and first-order and second-order reflection.
  • From Being to Becoming: the Continuous Transformation of an Organization in the Age of Disruption.