Submitted on 08/09/2017

For the fifth time Prof. Dr. Heinz-Wagner received an award for his capacity as a reviewer at the Academy of Management's annual meeting.

It has almost become a tradition: Prof. Heinz-Theo Wagner, from the German Graduate School of Management and Law ( GGS) once again received a Best Reviewer Award. After three Best Reviewer Awards and an Outstanding Associate Editor Award in recent years, it is already the fifth consecutive prize for excellence in the review process. The Professor of Management and Innovation accepted the award from the Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) Division with thanks: "It is an honor for me to receive this award. I am especially pleased that my work contributes to scientific progress." 1871 reviews were written by 841 reviewers for the AoM conference.

Experts ensure quality of contributions

In order to select the best, two reviewers usually evaluate the submitted articles, papers and symposium contributions for scientific conferences and journals. With their detailed and informative reviews, the reviewers ensure the high quality standards set for scientific publications. Because the authors receive copies of the constructive reviews, they can then better emphasize their results and improve the scientific quality of their contributions.