Submitted on 06/08/2017

Dear scholars,


The June 21st we will celebrate the „Dies Academicus“ / Viadrina Day in Frankfurt and want to appreciate the opportunity for an informal DCR meeting. We would like to invite you all understanding that the invitation to join an informal meeting might be more appealing for those based in Frankfurt or Berlin.


First of all, it would be nice to see you again and to learn, what is going on on your side. Furthermore, we would like to invite the new members in the DCR-team, Mr. Lachezar Ivanov and Mr. Yassir Al-Masoudi, to share their experiences about the first weeks within the program. At the same time we will say goodbye to Mrs. Peggy Zimmer with a nice farewell-gift to which you all kindly contributed. We are thinking about re-arranging the DCR-room (which is most of the time empty) and are very pleased that Mrs. Gaia Amigoni is willing to share her expertise on this issue.


We kindly invite you to meet at Logenhaus, room K06 at 10 o’clock for a two-hour meeting. Afterwards we will have lunch at the Mensa and a drink on the campus. If you feel like joining the university summer festivities afterwards have a look at the program:


Please save the date: The next internal Marketing and Management meeting takes place in Frankfurt on 11 July 2017.


We are looking forward to meeting you soon in Frankfurt and would appreciate a short confirmation mail in case you like to come!


Kind Regards


Albrecht Söllner, Tina Pfau and Anja Rillcke