Submitted on 10/01/2016


On the Occasion of the Annual Strategic Management Conference, the GGS and EUV hosted a Workshop dealing with the Start-up Industry. Taking place under the Titel "The Institutional and Cultural Context of Entrepreneurship" three Entrepreneurs presented their business ideas. Moderated by Albrecht Söllner (EUV), Jochen Koch (EUV) and Markus Vodosek (GGS) the range reached from Craft-Beer and Innovatice Oarsmanship to a new computer based Algorithm to recognise komplex picture data. 

Furthermore, Presentations were held by the Startup-Experts Thomas Andrae, Chief Strategy Officer of the Berlin Factory, Entrepreneur Andreas Steinhauser and Amelie Schlachter, Head of Business Development at Cobrainer. In Workshops, based on the former outcomes, the 50 Participants developed Research Questions that were discussed with Management Researchers Jeffrey Martin (University of Alabama), Richard Priem (Texas Christian University), Israel Drori (Free University Amsterdam) and Jochen Koch.

The Workshop was held in the Factory Berlin, a Business-incubator who provides Offices, Consulting Services and Possibilities to network to (further) develop business ideas.