Submitted on 04/11/2016

Madeleine Rauch, PhD Candidate, organized together with Atefeh Mazghi (Newcastle University, Australia) a symposium on the topic of Strategic Decision-Making in discontinuously evolving environment –

Making Dynamic Capabilities work. The aim of this symposium is to stimulate the discourse in the DC community by presenting three papers that explicitly connect to the organizational derivation proposed by Di Stefano et al. (2014) and the aspect of strategic decision making. Madeleine Rauch will present a paper together with Matthias Wenzel and Jochen Koch (both European University Viadrina) exploring the role of (non)-decision making in the strategy process.

Emre Karali, Henk Volberda and Jatinder Sidhu (all Erasmus University Rotterdam) will present a paper analyzing the relationship of complex routines, capabilities and innovation. Atefeh Maghzi, Siggi Gudergan, Ralf Wilden and Nidthida Lin address how simple rules underlie the deployment of DCs in high velocity environments.  Christopher Bingham (University of North Carolina) and Oliver Schilke (University of Arizona), two acknowledged scholars in the field of strategic management and experts in the area of DCs, will facilitate and discuss the set of papers at the symposium.