Submitted on 06/14/2015

At the end of September, the fellows Catarina von Maydell, Sadrac Cenophat, Abiodun Adegbile, Johannes Gaedicke and Gyula Kocsis move to Heilbronn. The German Graduate School of Management and Law is very much looking forward to the welcome them.

Beside a dense program of seminars, the scholarship holders will also experience some cultural highlights such as the wine festival and the anually Christmas party. Furthermore, on 6th of October, the Managing Director of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation Dr. Erhardt Klotz will welcome the fellow personally.

The presentations of the fellows research projects also mark another scientific highlight of their stay, which takes place at a small Proposal conference. Especially after the Academy of Management Conference in Vancover as well as the British Acadaemy of Management in Portsmouth took place, professors and fellows are excited about the presentations.