Submitted on 07/15/2019

From June 27-29 DCR fellow Lachezar Ivanov took part in the 18th International Conference on Research in Advertising (ICORIA), organized by the European Advertising Academy in Krems, Austria. 

During his third visit, he presented his award nominated research on how to use life history strategy theory for targeting to increase the effectiveness of preventive health advertising. He advised marketers to consider the existence of slow (survival-oriented) and fast (mating-oriented) strategists among the targeted consumers. With that in mind, marketers can tailor their communication efforts to the preferences of those two segments.

ICORIA 2019 started with the sixth doctoral colloquium. On Friday and Saturday researchers presented around 150 papers on various advertising and communication related topics. The gala dinner and a social event on Saturday provided more opportunities for networking and collaboration.

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