Farewell from Coventry- Abiodun Adegbile's letter to the DCR Community

Dear DCR Members, As most of you are aware that I recently joined Coventry University, UK as a Lecturer in International Business (Assistant Professor). Coventry University is a forward-looking, modern university, ranked 13 in the UK with a proud tradition as a provider of high-quality education and a focus on applied research. The university has won several awards and the most recent is the award University of the Year for Student Experience. The university is located in the heart of Coventry, a young, vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a diversity of cultures and ethnic groups. The University campus is spread across the city centre, making for a dynamic and sociable setting. The city’s rich history and heritage sees world famous sites like Coventry Cathedral and St Mary’s Guildhall sit alongside exciting newer developments like Coventry Transport Museum, Fargo Village and a host of shops, restaurants and cultural entertainment. It’s been a very exciting experience since I started at Coventry University. The Faculty of Business and Law which is the largest faculty has four schools (or department) namely: School of Strategy and Leadership; School of Management and Marketing; School of Economics and Finance; and the Law School. My department, also known as ‘School of Strategy and Leadership’ has over 120 academic staff from over 40 nationalities and over 3000 mostly international students. I am settling in well, learning and adapting to school’s innovative approach to teaching and learning in higher education as well as research. I currently teach undergraduate and postgraduate modules and also in the process of becoming a fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). I am also looking to join one of the research centres, The International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship (ICTE) to further develop my entrepreneurship research profile. After over 3 years in the DCR programme, I am forever grateful to the Professors, colleagues, and many of you who have provided one support or the other and equipping me with necessary skills throughout my stay in the DCR program. Indeed, the support received and skills learned have allowed me to be competitive internationally, hence enabling me to pursue opportunities in the higher education in the UK. Please feel free to visit anytime you are in the UK and if I can ever be of help to you in the future, please let me know. I look forward to seeing you all at the 2019 DCR conference. Abiodun Adegbile

Learning and Networking in Michigan

In July 2018 DCR fellow Lachezar Ivanov took the great chance to participate in the ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI), visiting advanced courses in regression, experimental research methods, and computing. 954 participants representing over 300 institutions in 34 nations and at least 30 different disciplines joined the ICPSR Program for its 55th year. During his time in Michigan, Ivanov was a visiting member of Prof. Joshua Ackerman´s Evolutionary Social Psychology Lab. Ackerman, a leading scholar in the field of evolutionary psychology focusing on the topics of threats of infectious diseases and life history strategies, invited the fellow to participate in lab meetings, where he could present his latest research project. Receiving valuable inputs from the lab team, Ivanov wants to thank the ESP Lab for the very warm welcome.

Dr. Farid Tarrahi joins the DCR

The DCR welcomes Dr. Farid Tarrahi, who joined us by July 1st as a Post-Doc. After spending two years at the EUV's Department of Marketing as a Research and Teaching Assistant, he finished bis Dissertation and will now continue researching on Pricing Strategies, Meta-Analysis, Cross-cultural Studies within the Program.

ICORIA 2018: Humor and Gender in Valencia

The European Advertising Academy chose an historical place for this year's ICORIA (International Conference on Research in Advertising): From June 21 - 23, academics met in Valencia, Spain to exchange on how profitability and customer engagement are affected by multiple and very diverse consumer touchpoints in an omni-connected world. More than 150 papers on various topics related to advertising and communication were presented. Actual and former DCR members set off to participate. Martin Eisend chaired the session "Advertising Effectiveness I" and took part in several presentations as: Martin Eisend, Farid Tarrahi, Eva Van Reijmersdal and Sophie Boerman: What are the effects of disclosing sponsored content? A meta-analysis. Anna Rößner, Erik Hermann and Martin Eisend: Effects of ethnic minority vs. majority endorsers in advertising: The moderating influence of ethnic diversity in society. Malgorzata Karpinska-Krakowiak and Martin Eisend: Real or Fake? The Effects of Real versus Fictitious Brands on Consumer Responses to Humor in Advertising Experiments. Claire Segijn and Martin Eisend: A Meta-analysis into Multiscreening and Advertising Effectiveness DCR fellow Lachezar Ivanov took part in a doctoral colloquium that provided practical insights on how to develop a stream of research, how to satisfy reviewers, and how to handle p-values. He was, together with Martin Eisend and Thomás Bayón, invited to present a joint research project in a session on the theme of humor and gender in advertising - a project which tackles the topic from the perspective of evolutionary psychology. The presentation was very well received from both reviewers and audience.

Dr. Sadrac Cénophat presenting at the 40th ISMS Marketing Science Conference

DCR-member Dr. Sadrac Cénophat cherished his time at the 40th ISMS Marketing Science Conference, which took place in Philadelphia from June 13 - 16. The event brought together leading marketing scholars, practitioners, and policy makers with a shared interest in rigorous scientific research on marketing problems. Topics included (but were not restricted to) branding, segmentation, consumer choice, competition, strategy, advertising, pricing, product, innovation, distribution, retailing, social media, internet marketing, global marketing, big data, mobile targeting analytics, machine learning and algorithm, artificial intelligence, choice models, game theory, structural models, randomized control trials. Dr. Cénophat was not only invited to present his paper on the "moderating role of marketing channel innovation on the relationship between industry informality and sales performance", which led to encouring feedback and fruitful discussions. He also took the opportunity to exchange with luminaries like Roland Rust on the importance of artifical intelligence on costumer relationships in the future. The conference, Cénophat says, enabled him to form an idea of the quite promising future of relationship marketing.

Dr. Giorgi Shuradze takes a new path

After successfully defending his thesis titled “Strategic Capabilities for Innovation in the Digital Economy: A Data Analytics Perspective”, Dr. Giorgi Shuradze accepts an industry position in Berlin and he will working as a Digital Business Consultant at the Big Picture GmbH, a Berlin-based digital agency providing digital solutions to companies in their digitalisation projects. Giorgi was one of the fellows of the third cohort in the DCR Program. He joined the program as a doctoral researcher in April 2014 and after receiving his doctorate degree in 2017, continued to work in the program as a postdoctoral researcher until April 2018. We thank him for his outstanding scientific performance and wish him all the best.

AoM 2018: A Showcase Symposium for the DCR Research Group

True to the motto ‘the same procedure as every year’, the DCR program is again invited to participate in the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, one of the most prestigious and important conferences in the field of management studies. This year’s meeting will take place in Chicago from August 10 - 14 and has lured thousands of scholars to submit their applications. Also Sarah Stanske, our third year doctoral candidate, has submitted a proposal for a professional development workshop which aims at supporting other students to understand the essence of process studies (together with Michael Hartmann, Markus Vodosek, and Heinz-Theo Wagner), a paper (together with Madeleine Rauch), and a symposium, also focused on the nature of process studies (together with Eric Knight, Jane Lê, Matthias Wenzel). While all of her submissions were accepted, it is especially the symposium submission which is currently in the limelight. Being among the top submissions, this proposal has been selected as a Showcase session by the OMT and the SAP divisions. Showcase sessions are expected to attract a great number of scholars and are additionally mentioned in the conference program as highlights. We are looking forward to inspiring discussions with Raghu Garud, Paula Jarzabkowski , Ann Langley, and Andy van de Ven.

And the annual Faculty Recognition Award goes to:

Sadrac Cenophat and Abiodun Adegbile. Both fellows, almost finished with their PhD theses, were honoured for their outstanding scientific contributions at the Proposal Conference at the GGS in Heilbronn yesterday. Congratulations!

51st HICSS: Best Paper Award for Dr. Giorgi Shuradze

On January 5, 2018 Dr. Giorgi Shuradze presented a paper, titled “Data Analytics and Knowledge Integration Mechanisms: The Role of Social Interactions in Innovation Management” (co-authored with Prof. Heinz-Theo Wagner from GGS) at the 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS). The paper received the best paper award by the Knowledge Innovation and Entrepreneurial Systems track (co-chairs: Murray Jennex from San Diego State University, and David T. Croasdell from University of Nevada).

ICIS 2017: Sarah Stanske presenting successfully in Seoul

The International Conference on Information Systems, best known as ICIS, took place at an exotic place this time, in Seoul. From Dec. 10th - 13th, participants were invited to join several events under the general theme "Transforming Society with Digital Innovation". DCR-members Heinz-Theo Wagner and Sarah Stanske set off to South Korea to present their research results. While Wagner presented his paper "The Impact of Digital Innovation on Path-Dependent Decision-Making: The Mediating Role of Risk Propensity and Opportunity-Threat Perception", Sarah joined a two-day workshop, where she collaborated with Karlheinz Kautz (RMIT Melbourne), an experienced scholar having already widely published in top-tier journals in the field of information systems, and presented a short paper at the end of the workshop. The paper focuses on platformization and the achieving of legitimacy of a digital innovation. With the help of their mentor Nick Berente (University of Georgia) they developed the concept of a “virtuous circle” and depicted the interplay between internal and external legitimacy. After presenting their paper to a panel of experienced editors of major IS journals, the team was ranked 5th out of 15. Because of this success and the editors’ confidence in the project, Karl and Sarah will continue in collaborating and will develop the paper further in order to submit it to a journal within the next year. Thanks to this success, the doctoral program gained international visibility as Sarah was subsequently invited to the prestigious CBS reception on the next day, during which she could make more connections to some of the most respective universities in the field of information systems. The DCR program would like to thank the ICIS community for their support. Special thanks go to Nick Berente who organized this workshop and provided many scholars the opportunity to find new collaborators and to start exciting new projects.

New DCR-Member - Yannick Mies

After finishing his master in Stratagic Management at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management in July 2017, Yannick joined the program in early October.

DCR-Workshop at the BAM-Annual Conference 2017

The interactive workshop From Being to Becoming: Understanding Quality in Qualititative Process Studies by DCR-members Markus Vodosek, Sarah Stahnske and Giorgi Shuradze...

Madeleine Rauch presenting at 10th SKM Symposium in Berlin

10th SKM Symposium 2017 Berlin, Understanding Transformation: Theoretical, methodological, and practical challenges and implications from a competence-based perspective...

34th EGOS Colloquium 2018 | Tallinn | Call for Short Papers

34th EGOS Colloquium | Surprise in and around Organizations: Journeys to the Unexpected

Best Reviewer Award for Heinz-Theo Wagner

For the fifth time Prof. Dr. Heinz-Wagner received an award for his capacity as a reviewer at the Academy of Management's annual meeting.

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Hartmann

DCR scholar Michael Hartmann successfully defended his PhD-thesis on „Critique in Organizations: Episodes, Effects and Paradoxes”. Huge congratulations!

DCR presenting at SMS Annual Conference Houston

2017 SMS Annual Conference: Unconventional Strategies for Emerging Complexity and Intensifying Diversity

DCR Research group strongly represented at AoM conference

The Academy of Management Annual Meeting is the premier conference for more than 10,000 students, academics, scholars, and professionals in the scholarly management and organization space.


The 16th International Conference on Research in Advertising (ICORIA) 2017 will be held in Ghent, Belgium.

Best paper award for Madeleine Rauch and Sarah Stanske

Sarah Stanske presented on the interplay of organizational doing and being over time and won together with Madeleine Rauch the Best Paper Award.

Informal DCR-meeting | Viadrina Day

The June 21st we will celebrate the „Dies Academicus“ / Viadrina Day in Frankfurt and want to appreciate the opportunity for an informal DCR meeting.

Giorgi Shuradze attends the Methods Summer Programme at London School of Economics

DCR scholar Giorgi Shuradze will attend the course ‘Data Science and Big Data Analytics: An Introduction’

Invitation Faculty Days GGS Heilbronn

GGS is pleased to invite you to our 2017 GGS Faculty Day on Saturday, 24 June 2017.

DCR research group welcomes new graduate students

In the joint PhD program with the German Graduate School of Management and Law (Heilbronn) the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) supports young scientists on their way to the doctoral thesis.

Apply now

UPDATE (5th May 2017): The program has reached its final period (ending March 2020).

Start-up Workshop in Berlin

On the Occasion of the Annual Strategic Management Conference, the GGS and EUV hosted a Workshop dealing with the Start-up Industry.

SMS Workshop at Factory Berlin (16th of September 2016)

We would like to invite you to participate in the Strategic Management Society´s Extension Workshop “The Institutional and Cultural Context of Entrepreneurship” at the Factory in Berlin on September 16th, 2016.

DCR organizes symposium on Strategic Decision-Making Dynamic Capabilities work at AoM in Anaheim 2016

Madeleine Rauch, PhD Candidate, organized together with Atefeh Mazghi (Newcastle University, Australia) a symposium on the topic of Strategic Decision-Making in discontinuously evolving environment

Presentation of the paper "The digital disruption of path-dependent Business Models: An experimental study" at König Förschungskolloquium in Berlin, Germany, 5th March 2016

Madeleine Rauch, PhD Candidate of the DCR Research Group, examined together with Matthias Wenzel, PostDoc and former member of the DCR and Heinz-Theo Wagner, Professor in the DCR research group, the role of digital disruption of path-dependent business models in an experimental study.

„SMS 2016 Berlin Conference Extension Workshop” on Friday, September 16, 2016

Berlin has recently gained the reputation of being the start-up capital of Germany. Entrepreneurs from around the world flock to Berlin because of its unique institutional and cultural environment.

AOM symposium - Call for papers

We are PhD students in the Doctoral Program on Dynamic Capabilities and Relationships which is a joint project of the European University Viadrina and the German Graduate School of Management and Law.

Readings in Dynamic Capabilities and Relationships by Jeff Martin

We are PhD students in the Doctoral Program on Dynamic Capabilities and Relationships which is a joint project of the European University Viadrina and the German Graduate School of Management and Law.

Dr. Maren Kämmerer changes to KPMG

After successfully receiving her doctorate on July 14, 2015 Ms. Maren Kämmerer changes to KPMG.

Seminar „Designing Experimental February 15th–17th, 2016 Studies“

The German Graduate School of Management and Law (GGS) organizes a series of seminars for doctoral students and post-docs with an interest in research methodology.

Richard Priem at the European University Viadrina

Prof. Koch and Dr. Wenzel are honored to welcome Richard Priem at the European University Viadrina on 23 Nov.

Catarina von Maydell visit BAM

Catarina von Maydell, PhD Student in the current DCR Kolleg attended the British Academy of Management (BAM) conference in Portsmouth, UK in September 2015.

AoM Annual Meeting Vancouver 2015

This year’s Academy of Management annual meeting took place from Aug 7th – 11th in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

DCR fellows move to Heilbronn

At the end of September, the fellows Catarina von Maydell, Sadrac Cenophat, Abiodun Adegbile, Johannes Gaedicke and Gyula Kocsis move to Heilbronn.

Yevgen Bogodistov

Dr. Yevgen Bogodistov accepted a post-doc position at the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm

management symposium in Bochum 2015

Two presentations at the 9th strategic competence based management symposium in Bochum

SMS in Denver (USA)

Michael Hartmann and Markus Vodosek present their research paper „Dynamic Managerial Capabilities and Relationships: The Role of Social Relations in Strategic Change“